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Saturday, 11 April 2009

WW3 on hold

Writers Block... sorry. there is a small possibility of a webcomic might start being published onto here soon. to make up for it. or i can do the planned plots of the first 20 episodes in comic form. or something like a crossover. or whatever. comment with ideas. if you are under 13 and want to comment, dont bother asking your parents, they wont care, just comment!

Saturday, 28 February 2009

WW3: Ep 3

Operation: Battle for London
Date: 29/8/17

Weeks after the prime ministers death and replacement, Wu Xin Tuo AKA Steven Williams, the President of the Newly Formed Red Skull Empire, had came to England, to negotiate with Green Skull boss and new Prime minister, Joe Smith.


The Helicopter landed near the base in London, and Steven walked out. The Prime Minister then ran up to him from a nearby office. “St... Wu Xin! Let’s talk in my offices over there!” The Green Skull Commando squad, who had been promoted to bodyguards, walked up to them. “We recommend that only one of your body guards comes, for security.” Grey, one of the green skull commandos muttered.


They walked into his office, and the Squad and Red skull bodyguard positioned themselves by the door. “Search them Cooper.” The Prime Minister said to Joe Cooper. Cooper Took Tuo’s Jacket and searched, “Grey, check his pockets!” Falcon ordered, Grey ran to Xin, and checked his pockets. “Gun,” Apollo asked the Red skull bodyguard, who handed over his 2 pistols and SCAR gun.


The President of China and Prime Minister sat down at the desk. “Why are you trying to take over the world?” The prime minister asked, “Confidential.” Wu replied, “And why do you need Britain?” The prime minister continued, “Because we do.” Wu muttered, “And why not America. Or Japan, or...” Joe Smith asked, “We are.” Wu replied, “Arrest him!” The prime minister commanded, Falcon grabbed Wu Xin Tuo and handcuffed him, “If you arrest me, we will go nuclear, and for the threat, I am sending in my troops.” Wu laughed, the Red Skull guard pulled up his phone, and pressed his send button. Falcon leapt for the SCAR and pointed at the Guard, “I am armed, and I have 2 bullets ready to be fired from my watch!” The guard muttered, and shot falcon in the shoulder. Falcon collapsed, unconscious, Grey sneaked up behind the guard and punched him, the guard slipped and banged his head on the desk, and he rolled over on the floor. “At least this isn’t our proper base, and actually a building that’s going to be demolished anyway.” The prime minister laughed, and looked out his window, and saw large helicopters begin to land, with Red Skull soldiers charging out. The Chinese president laughed and ran for the door, “Seal the doors!” The prime minister muttered, and Fury placed a slab of goo over the lock and handle, “It should dry out and block the door.” Fury said.  “The only way out is the elevators, Block 9 of them” Bruce muttered.


Bruce looked at the elevator, “Apollo, Prime Minister, hide in the elevator, Take Boss and try to heal him, I’ll jam it in at the top and remove CCTV, and well sort it out to get you back down later. Cooper, Fury, Get the troops from level seven to fight with you to stop them getting in; I’ll go with Grey to get the troops from levels 9 through 13 to fight everywhere else. Go!” Bruce ordered. The Prime minister leapt into the elevator with Nick Apollo, the team medic. The Rest Ran to the spare elevator, Grey grabbed the Red Skull guard and tied him to the chair. 


Bruce used his knife to break into the CCTV room, which was next to the meeting room, and slashed into the wire for the Elevators CCTV screen. He then opened a door inside that room, which lead to the elevator controls room; he slid the slider for Elevator 11, to the top, he then kept pushing it till it broke, he then pressed the disable elevators button, and locked it. He charged through into the office, and saw a post-it note on the back of the chair, “Getting Forces, I’ll be in Floor 11. Please push Guard down lift Shaft.” Bruce smirked, and stabbed the lift controls, they sparked and the door opened, he grabbed the Red skull guard, then grabbed his arm, and pointed at his head, “Shoot ya self when ya hit the bottom.” Bruce grinned, and positioned him in front of the lift shaft. “Don’t throw me, they will declare war.” The soldier muttered, Bruce pulled of his watch, and pressed a button on his headset, a small camera folder out of the side, “Take the Watch shoot yourself, and you fall, I’m recording me saying it so they will start war for you. Take the watch” Bruce handed it to him, and silently pressed the record button on his headset. “I give up with this nonsense. We’re gonna lose anyway” The soldier muttered, then he shot himself, and the chair shook, and fell down the lift shaft. Bruce pressed stop, and the file was transferred to his PDA. “I forgot to record me saying it.” Bruce shouted down the shaft. He called up the elevator, and climbed it. He pressed the button for floor 1, and it lowered to squash the soldier, he then sent it to floor 11, 2 floors under their floor, floor 14.


“Grey, He’s dead, hopefully, and I tricked him into surrendering in front of camera, then killing himself to force them to surrender. And where’s Steve?” Bruce shouted to Grey, who was with the last bunch of soldiers. “We saw him run outside to his guards screaming; we tried to sniper him but missed.” Grey replied. “I’ve set up 50 soldiers on floors 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13, to protect the Prime minister on the 15th, blocked. Floor 14 should be sealed off, and the other 9 lift shafts stops on this floor, the 3 others are locked and come from this floor to the other 9 floors. We should leave them for Ambushes.” Grey said. Screams began on the bottom floor; the soldiers on the top floors pulled out their guns and aimed for the entrances. Then the windows exploded, they turned, and Red skull soldiers leapt through, firing weapons, Grey knocked over a table and leapt under it; he pulled out a grenade, and pulled the pin. He waited 5 seconds, and threw at the helicopter, it exploded, the helicopter fell to the floor, and the 48 Troops on their floor shot dead the 5 who had escaped the helicopter. Bruce grabbed one of their SCAR guns, and Stood at the window, he threw a grenade towards the helicopters, that were landing, then shot at red skull soldiers who were running for the building, then he saw 5 soldiers carrying a box to the east side, away from the battle, they opened it, and it was a bomb, enough to destroy the first five floors, and smash the next 10 on impact with the floor. “I need to get there, but I don’t have enough room to jump with a parachute.” Bruce muttered, and smashed the fire alarm and the bomb alarms. “Grey, they’ve got more bombs. They are using the same tactic twice, I’m going down!” Bruce shouted, and ran for the elevator, “Try shooting the bomb guys, south east corner.” Bruce finished, stepping in the elevator.


5 minutes later, he stepped out of the elevator, and reloaded his gun, he pressed the open button and ran out, and leapt for the door, and He turned and saw a Wu Xin stood by a helicopter with a large big red button. He ran, and began firing, Wu Xin turned and saw him, and his Guards pulled out their guns firing back, He saw helicopters fire at floors 11 and 9, the main floors for there defence. He leapt for Wu Xin, taking a bullet in his other arm, and knocked the button out of his hands, “Fire the Eztron Bomb!” Wu Xin shouted, “I have the remote.” Bruce muttered, “But this one is to blow up Big Ben; and possibly a chunk of London.” Xin continued. “Your Troops know you will lose! Watch this.” Bruce added, pulling out his PDA and opening the recording, “CCTV Recording. Your Guard ran when we left our elevators open, and instead of escaping...” Bruce said, and held up the PDA, and pressed play, and the video of the guard giving up and killing himself played.


“Retreat to the Eztron!” Wu Xin shouted, and pressed a siren button on the helicopter control panel, a siren blasted, and the Red Skull forces began running out. Bruce ran for the building, and sent the squad a message: ‘They have a bomb, designed to wipe out about ¼ of London; In Big Ben, Grey, Go to Lift room and sort out lift 11 get them to floor7, Hurry, they are about to start the attack.”


Half an hour later, they had got Joe Smith and Falcon to the Hospital floors, and were in a helicopter, and were landing on a barge in the Thames. “When we dock, run straight to the building, and seal it off, wait...” Fury ordered, before noticing a RS helicopter hover by the top of the London eye, they smashed the glass on one of the pods and climbed in, pushing out the people inside, they then loaded a bomb, “Ok, plan B, When we dock, I use heli to get to the bomb, and you retreat the troops from the Big Ben and head for the Eye. Bye.” Fury ordered, and leapt into the Helicopter, “Pilot, Get me to London eye pod 13.” Fury ordered.


A minute later, he arrived, He hovered outside the pod, and leapt in, he pushed out one of the Red Skull soldiers, and shot another, and he then pulled out a screwdriver and began unscrewing the bomb, “Eztron? This thing looks nuclear and timed to blow explode in 1 minute!” Fury muttered, “Pilot, Get a bomb disposal squad!” Fury ordered, and then pulled out some pliers, to pull out a small box inside it, “This thing is to reduce the blast... I need to re-wire it... in 45 seconds!” Fury screamed, and found a dial on the back, he spun it to low and placed it back in, “Reducer Re-Connected,” The Bomb said, in a robotic voice, “Why do they need talking bombs?!” Fury muttered, “10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4” The bomb started, Fury put the lid back on and leapt from his pod, holding the bomb, “2. 1” the bomb counted, and it exploded, shaking the London eye as it made an intermediately sized explosion, blasting Fury into the Thames. The Red Skull soldier helicopter glided down, and soldiers ran out.


Apollo saw Fury float to the top of the water, badly injured, and grabbed a life jacket, then leapt in, he swam to Fury’s body, being hit by the strong current, and pulled on the life jacket over Fury’s body, he swam and dragged it back to the boat, and Grey lowered a rope for them.


The main part of London had been evacuated, and Soldiers had been sent in to fight Red Skull. 143 People had been killed, Including Fury’s helicopter pilot, who had died in the blast. The London Eye had collapsed after a secondary, least powerful bomb had been set off, and that killed 130 people. The rest were Green Skull and Red Skull. Within Hours, They had barricaded off the main section of London,


“Fury is almost dead, Falcon is Unconscious, and we are in the middle of a big battle in the middle of London, Who tried to shoot Wu Xin? He’s beaten us now!” Bruce shouted at the squad, “Me. That’s why he put the bomb on our side of the tower, and then you went and ran after him, screaming with a gun!” Grey replied, shouting. Bruce’s PDA bleeped, “I have a message, from The Prime Minister, that we are to assassinate Steven W. AKA The Chinese President.” Bruce read out. “Brilliant!” Shouted Grey sarcastically, and he looked out the window, and saw the main part of London, badly damaged. 



Saturday, 21 February 2009

WW3: Ep 2

Here is the Second Ep of WW3, 


Operation: First Battle
Date: 13/7/17


Hours Later, Apollo climbed up, and grabbed his gun, he saw remains of the buildings that had collapsed on them, and he then saw Fury unconscious with a smashed table and concrete holding him down. And if one of the table legs snapped, it would land on a bomb. He turned, and saw Falcon with a concrete block on his leg. He looked for the other 3 members, Bruce Blackman, the team tactics person, was poking out of a pile of concrete and junk, Joe Cooper was missing, and Mike Grey was heavily buried under shards of glass and the remains of the 12th floor.


Apollo shot the table covering Fury, causing it to fly backwards, Apollo then checked his pulse, and grabbed the bomb. He ran to Grey, buried under the rubble of floor 12, and planted the bomb on the opposite corner. He stepped back, and pressed the button, the bomb exploded, the rubble shifted and smashed, Apollo tried to shift it, but was stopped by a burst of gun fire over his shoulder, he leapt behind a lump of concrete and reloaded his M2 Machine gun, he then quickly positioned it, and looked, there was 3 assassins stood at windows on the east tower, which was mainly not damaged. He fired, missing. He grabbed the gun and ran, the assassins chucked a grenade, which landed near Apollo, he turned, and saw it land, and then grabbed a table, and ran, the grenade exploded, and he was blasted back, protected by the table. He landed by the entrance, and saw 20 Red skull members armed with SCAR guns.

“What Floor are the prisoners?” Apollo asked.

“The 7th, Kill him!” A Soldier ordered, Apollo grabbed the table and ran for the lift, the soldiers opened fire, Apollo fired his pistol at the lift controls, it swung open, and he leapt in, and turned, and smacked the button for floor 7. The door slammed shut.


The Lieutenant from the first floor ran to the second elevator with 5 soldiers, and pressed the open button, he then fired at the hatch on the top of the elevator, it fell down, and he grabbed the lights, then swung himself up, and then pulled up the other soldiers. They ran to the ladder and began climbing, and the last soldier fired at the elevator and wires, causing it to bang against the wall and slow down. The lieutenant fired his grappling gun at the first elevator and swung across, and pulled out his knife,

He cut the first wire, causing it to lose balance and tilt, Apollo slipped and fell, the soldier climbed up the wires quickly till he was a floor up, then cut the wires.


The Elevator began to fall, Apollo leapt across through the door and into the 3rd floor. 5 Guards were stood there; he punched one and grabbed the gun, and leapt behind a desk. He fired at the guards and ran for the closing door, and leapt through, and began shooting the squad. The Lieutenant fell to the bottom floor, landing unconscious. Apollo hit the open door button as he began to lose balance, and ran back into the 3rd floor, and grabbed a grenade. He lobbed it at the windows, and they exploded, he quickly ran through and leapt out, landing in some mud, he rolled as he landed, and chucked his final grenade through the window, causing half of the 1st floor soldiers to die.


He ran back to the west building, and pushed the concrete slab off Grey, and pulled out a gas canister from his bag, and put it to his mouth, He pressed the button, and he slowly revived. Apollo passed Grey the M2 Gun and a Gas Canister,

“Clear the concrete and revive the others, I’ll clear the area.”  Grey ordered. Within minutes, the team were revived.

“I’ve checked the building, about 15 on floor one, 20 on floor 2, 0 on floor 3, 30 on floor 4, 35 on floor 5, and about 50 on the floors above it. They have also killed our commander.” Apollo said, “They have SCAR Guns, and lots of grenades, Prisoners based on floor 7, and a disabled lift system. I can make a grenade out of our gas canisters, but then I can’t help if you’re unconscious.” Apollo finished.

“We can start our attack on the northeast staircase, and then we will block it with mines. We need to get to floor 15, to get a helicopter, and then we call for backup. Then go to floor 7, evacuate, then we bomb the place.” Falcon ordered.


They ran to the northeast corner of the building, and Fury placed an explosive slab on the window. They ran back, it exploded, Falcon ran to the top of the stair case,

“Drop the bombs!” Falcon ordered, Fury pulled out a small mine,

“It detects if you are within 10 meters, and blows up. It has a 5 Meter Range, Drop about 5 of them in the corners of the stairs.” Fury muttered. They ran,

“I’ve set them to scan every 5 seconds.” Fury finished.

“There should be about 20 soldiers here.” Apollo muttered, and opened a door, immediately they were shot at, Fury chucked a grenade, Apollo and Grey reloaded their guns, the grenade exploded, the soldiers in the room screamed and were blasted away from the door. The 6 commandos walked in, and shot dead the last 2 soldiers.

“HALT!” A soldier shouted from the stairs. He was suddenly blown up, and the door frame collapsed with the stairs, blocking the room from the stairs,

“We need to get to floor 4, they have the phones!” Apollo muttered, they ran to the next stair case, and planted another 2 bombs. They entered the 3rd floor, and saw 20 Red Skull soldiers. 5 crept behind them and slammed the door.

“Fire Extinguishers” Falcon ordered, the 4 other commandos shot the fire extinguishers, and falcon shot the fire alarms, the foam began to fill the room, and the fire alarms triggered a emergency water system to drop water when the alarm was set off, the room filled, The commandos ran for the stairs.


They reached the 4th floor, “Ring the police and SWAT teams, they can enter and surround the area, the rest of the army are fighting in France.” Falcon muttered. Minutes later, they had reached the 7th floor.


They kicked down the door; they saw all the other members of GS (that weren’t in China or France) tied to chairs, the RS members looked at them, “FIRE!” Grey shouted, Falcon, Grey, Apollo, Bruce and Fury shot at the soldiers; Apollo pulled out his knife and leapt under a chair, he began to cut all the ropes tying the people to the chairs, “I’ll get these to help us, see ya on floor 15.” Apollo said, throwing Grey his SCAR gun, and then he threw them the rest of the SCAR guns off the floor. The 4 other commandos ran off. Apollo looked through the window, and saw 5 Police planes and 10 police helicopters land. The doors swung open, and SWAT and police teams ran out.


10 minutes later, The Prisoners on floor 7 that would fight, and Apollo got to floor 10, and found the team arguing with the prime minister; who had been tied to a chair. “He’s in Red Skull; He’s been planning for us to pull out for ages, He had agreed when we pull out to let us be invaded. We will execute him!” Fury told them. “Kill him.” Falcon muttered, and pulled out a Beretta Px4 Storm; and raised it to the prime ministers head; suddenly the door smashed down, and Red Skulls swarmed the room; and then the SWAT and police teams smashed through there door,

They both opened fire; Grey grabbed the prime minister, “We got evidence he is Red Skull!” Grey muttered, and threw the SWAT commander a recording. He pushed the prime minister, who smashed through the window and fell 10 floors to his death.


150 Red Skull troops backed up the battle in the meeting room, and the 300 man SWAT/Police Team easily took them down; Falcon then lead the troops into the 11th floor. “Where’s Cooper?” Apollo Muttered,

“Probably stuck under rubble” Fury shouted, over screaming SWAT members, they shot dead 2 Red Skull assassins. A day later, they had destroyed the Red Skull forces in the Green Skull HQ, and found Cooper, in the rubble of floor 13. Within a month, the head of green skull was declared prime minister, and important people in the government replaced with green skull members until the end of the war. 

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

WW3 - Basic Outline

Here is the WW3 plotlines upto Ep 8, where the threat gets worse
  1. Training: Read Below Post
  2. First Battle: Apollo Revives, and is forced to storm the building, which has been taken under Red Skull control
  3. Battle for London (2 Parts): The Prime Minister has a meeting with Wu Xin Tuo, which then forces the building to be attacked by Red skull forces
  4. B.F.O (Read above)
  5. Assassination: They follow Wu Xin, then start an assassination attempt, which forces their troops to attack China, to find the red skull secret base, then they try to attack it
  6. Germany: Red Skull kills the German president, putting the vice president in charge, who is Red Skull. Green skull have to assassinate him to put a Green Skull leader in charge,
  7. Area 51 (2 Parts) Red Skull forces attack Area 51, Green Skull lead the defence force, but are attacked by new Hi Tech Red Skull Technology.
  8. 2

Saturday, 14 February 2009

WW3: Ep 1

I've been working on the first storys in the series, they are in 2/3 parters, and the second will be released next week. 


Operation: Training
Date: 12/7/17


The assassin pulled out his sniper, and positioned it at the window of the 10 storey car park. “Ready, Commander,” he muttered into his headset, and pulled down his helmet. He was a Red Skull agent; he had been trained as an assassin. His Commander was Vice Chinese President, and one of Red Skulls highest members. Red Skull had also taken over France, and now they were about to assassinate the Chinese president. The Door of the opposite office block swung open, The Vice President walked out first, and nodded at the assassin, before climbing into the car, the president walked out with his bodyguards. “Get Helicopter in position!” The assassin murmured, and his helicopter hovered on the opposite of the car park. The Assassin fired; the president fell back, collapsed, and then slowly died on the spot.


“Joe, Call for backup!” one of the body guards said, and him and 8 other body guards ran for the car park, The guard called Joe climbed into the car, and pressed a button on his phone. “We need back-up! The President has been assassinated!” Joe said down his phone, “Car Park opposite HQ, We’ve sealed all exits! We need the police!” Joe finished. Joe then pulled out his pistol and climbed out the car. He sprinted for the car park. The vice president laughed.


The Red Skull assassin climbed into his helicopter, and turned, with his pistol. There were 10 Body-Guards in the car park behind him; Including Joe,

“You Can’t Shoot, your vice president, Is Red skull. We are the government now.” The Assassin laughed, The Vice President Walked out off an elevator behind them,

“I am temporary president, and will be elected next month. Unless I am assassinated, then The French president will control China, we agreed. You are fired.” The Vice President laughed. “I put bombs on the ceiling of the below floor. Around where you are stood; President, step back a few steps.” The assassin muttered, and flicked a switch on his helicopters control panel, the floor of the car park exploded, and the soldiers exploded and fell through the exploding floor, the remains smashing on them.


A month later, a Red Skull agent, who was counting the Chinese election votes, added an extra 100, 0000 votes on Vice President ‘Wu Xin Tuo’ (Translated to ‘Steven Williams’ Red Skull Third in Command) and took 100, 0000 from Wei-Shi Mao, (the other guy) then submitted them to the final tally. A week later, it was confirmed Steven had become president.


1 Year Later


France and China had both been taken into slavery by Red Skull, and had wun a war with Germany. In a British Training camp for the SAS, the British Troops were training to enter war with the Red Skull Empire.


A Squad of novice Commandos, entered a target course, their commander, Tom Falcon, was also in training to Lead SWAT teams into war-zones. He gunned another moving target down and climbed into another target range bunker. “Nick! Eliminate the targets behind ya!” Falcon shouted. Nick’s Sensor bleeped. The training source had sensors in the targets which could “kill” the people in the target zones. The sensors in there jackets bleeped when the laser gun sensors had been set off 3 times. Nick Apollo, the team medic had been “killed”


The ground near Nick exploded, “What!?” Falcon shouted, and saw a French Air craft fly towards the training centre, “Deactivate the training programme! We are under attack!” A Guard shouted, the plane dropped a bomb, and it destroyed the final target range in the course, Nick was blasted away from the explosion through a window into one of the target bunkers. Tom ran up to him, and shot at the plane through the window. “It’s heading for the main office building!” the Guard roared, before bullets from a machine gun in the plane blasted through the hut he was in, killing him.


In the command block, the boss of the SWAT/SAS Merge Army (Green Skull, to Combat Red Skull) ran into an elevator. “Get the new commandos to blow him up when he lands!” the boss shouted into his mobile. Back at the Target range, a Soldier had been sent to get Tom, Nick and the 6 other Commandos to the office.


The Squad grabbed the box of grenades, and then put them in pockets on their belts; Falcon grabbed a Rocket launcher, and put 2 Rockets in pockets at the side of his back pack. Apollo grabbed a medical kit, Simon Fury, the explosives person, grabbed 5 bombs and a control box for them. All the team members grabbed a pistol and a machine gun.


The Plane smashed its wings through one of the 3 main command buildings, destroying 5 rooms on the west side. This caused the building to become un-balanced at the top and it collapsed down, killing 4000 Green Skull workers. The Commando squad ran across the bridge on the 5th floor connecting the buildings to get to the destroyed building. Tom pulled out his rocket launcher, and put a rocket in. “Fire!” Simon roared, and tom shot at the wing of the plane, causing it to explode and the wing separated from the plane. The Squad ran to the crash site, “Why couldn’t they do it?!” Tom muttered, pulling out his pistol, “Use your machine guns on the wreck, and then search the remains!” Tom ordered. The team pulled out their machine guns, and began firing at the remains. 15 French and Chinese Soldiers leapt out, and pulled out guns, Tom shot at the remains, and then ran at the Enemy squad, pulling out his knife, and he leapt to dodge a missile from a Chinese missile launcher. He stud up, and stabbed at a soldier, the soldier screamed, and fell down, Simon ran to the plane, and attached bombs to the working main section of the plane. 4 French soldiers ran to the plane, “Get away from there!” one shouted. Simon ran and pressed a button on the control box, the plane exploded, the 4 French soldiers were blown up, and died. A Red Skull helicopter appeared, and flew into the destroyed part of the third building. The Squad ran for the building, then it exploded, the commandos were thrown back, the glass on the first 10 floors shattered and was blasted away from the building, the remaining 5 fell down and smashed on the remains, the office next to it was heavily damaged on the west side. The damaged side of the centre building fell, and shattered on the squad. 

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

51st post.

Hi. I have officially lost all copies of submitted stuff, and then lost the pendrive they were backed up on. there is over 50 pages altogether, and i have been working on most of it since september. i cant be bothered redoing the rest and getting the submitted files back. so i started a new one.

Coming Soon
It will be about a commando squad of S.A.S and SWAT officers fighting Terrorist Orginisation "Red Skull" who have assasinated major world leaders, and have replaced the chinese and french presidents with "Red Skull" Main Members, by rigging the voting. 

S.A.S and SWAT have merged to make "Green Skull" to tackle the "Red Skull". Green Skull are specially trained troops from SAS and SWAT, to fight Red Skull before they get nuclear. 

The First Episode, OP: Training, will be put online soon 

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Nev and Links Adventures Special: Starring Cybermen and Mechanoids!

Here is post 50! more known as post 43 but there is 2 unpublished 2 deleted and 3 as prizes for sending me a fic.

The Cybercaptain shot at link, link fell and dodged, then leapt and shoved a sword in the cybercaptains exhaust panel. The cybercaptain fell and choked, "Mechaleader, I need your help." Link asked, A cyberman rose his gun and destroyed mechaleader, "Mechasecon..." link started, the cyberman chucked a grenade into the mechanoids, they exploded. "Cybermen, I need your help. We need to get into the mechanoid tanks." Link finaly said.

Nev pressed his watch and it made a laser blast a door, "Blank Tanks Mr Link!" Nev shouted, "Take the lids off and get inside!" Link shouted, "No way you human. You will be upgraded!" a cyberman said, "Im hyrulian..." Link muttered, "Then you will be terminated!" The cybermen said, then started shooting link, link leapt into a mechatank and began burning down the cybermen.

A Cyberman grabbed Nev, and threw him against the wall, "This bear will be terminated!" The new cybercaptain commanded, and shot Nev, Nev turned into dust. Then the ceiling exploded, and Plo Koon fell down, and whipped out a new green lightsaber, "Stinkin cybermen!" Plo muttered, and spun his lightsaber and lead it through 3 Cybernecks, he blocked a few more lasers before being hit in the chest by a cybercannon, he flew backwards, and smashed into the wall, burning, "Tell mace... I said... I..." Plo muttered, Then Kit Fisto and Boba Fett fell through the Roof, "Destroy the Hyrulian!" Kit ordered, Boba spun on his jetpack and blasted links mechanoid.

On Hyrule; "Where are they. We need his army now to fight Kanagork!" one of Links old best mates muttered.

On Mechanus: The Cybermen Reinforcements landed; Outside, Boba and Plo drove there mechanoids onto a large empty platform with no buildings on it, then pulled off the roofs, and replaced them with cannons, "Attack them!" The cyberleader commanded, leading some cybertanks onto the platform, the Cybercaptains surviving troops of the 25 sent down ran on the platform. "Call for the Clones!" Kit ordered to Boba, "I did!" Boba replied, then Mace Windu and 5 Republic gunships of Clone commandos landed, they leapt out, all armed, and began shooting, mace windu flipped out his lightsaber, before being blasted in the face by the Cyberleader a second later. On the forest above the platforms, a cyberman chopped down the stick holding up The Jedi side, then ran, the platform fell. The Cyberman climbed onto the platform, and blew up kit fisto. "Set up conversion chambers in the main control room. Convert the Cloned species!" The cyberleader ordered. "We have a Alpha Bomb. We can destroy all clone forms." The Cybercaptain said, "We use it later." The Cyperleader said, "Take your survivors to set up conversion!"

A day later, the battle had continued and the troops continued fighting, the Clones decided to attack the heavily guarded conversion chamber. "Send in Alpha Squad to protect, Omega Squad will defend!" The Cyberleader ordered, AlphaCybercaptain lead in his troops to defend. The Few clones still left outside and the omega squad continued war. Then a orange clone starfighter landed, Commander Cody and Darth Vader climbed out. "Captain, we brought the death star!" Vader said to a clone captain.

on the cyber ship; The 50 converted to cybermen clones who had been teleported on board, ran to the cannons, they began shooting at the death star. The Cyberleader and Cybercaptains teleported onboard, "Alpha Captain, take Your Troops and Captains troops and stay on land, Omega Captain, Take your troops into the death star. I and Captain will stay here with my troops and turret you. Go!" The Cyberleader commanded. The Cyber Omega Captain pressed his communications device, "Omega troops teleport to the death star!" he muttered.

On the Death star; The Omega Captain teleported on board, and pulled out his gun, His omega troops quickly landed onboard then Entered battle with the StormClone Troops. Omega blasted down a door, then Commander Cody and the same amount of troops behind him as Omega (27 each) was behind it. They Entered Battle.

On Mechanus; The cyberleader landed. "Alpha leader, how many left to convert?" The Cyberleader asked, "about 7, we converted 179, the rest are up there!" Alpha replied, "Alpha Bomb This place!" The Cyberleader commanded.

Later, The Alpha Troops Teleported onto the death star, and set up teleport mines on doors, to teleport people who passed into a room for the conversions. The Teleports also had triggers to make cybermen go 2 doors along.

Back at The Cody V Omega Fight; 5 Cybermen and 7 Clones were dead, Omega and Cody were still gunning each other, then there was a miniture bang in the middle of the room, seconds later there was a green flash and everyone got thrown away from the bang, Omega (The Doctor Who one) appeared in the middle, "You will destroy the universe if you keep doing this! then there wont be any point in having anti matter universe and matter universe if it is only antimatter, then it will just be universe, like yours, so i die!" Omega boomed, Cody then shot omega in the head, then his head burst into regenerational flame, before he exploded in a pin miniture explosion, then a sonic shock wave shook the universe, damaging everything, and continued for years.

Commander Alpha had been fighting near a Airlock, but the shockwave had exploded it, the clones had been sucked out, alpha had grabbed a handlebar, then the Watcher (From Logopolis) Faded in and grabbed the door, and pulled it shut. Alpha Ran,

"I have enslaved the watcher for you... Alpha..... I had him save your life, now you must betray your troops... or you will be enslaved by darkeness!" A voice hissed, A silver box faded into view infront of alpha, Alpha grabbed it, a S shape on it glowed purple, "What..." Alpha muttered, before fading into whiteness, he threw the box.

He woke up on the floor of a white area, the area was full of white, he looked up, The Trickster was stood meters away from him. "What are you?" Alpha asked, "I am the Trickste-er!" The trickster laughed, "I created a paradox to make link need your forces... now it has left the explosion of antimatter to destroy you..." The trickster said, "Why do you need me?" The cyberman said, "You will join back up with the cybermen, and die struggling, or become my slave, your spirit in my old Slave, a graskes, body!" The trickster laughed, "I am cyberman! I will regroup!" Alpha said, "Excelle-ent..." The Trickster muttered. Alpha faded back into the death star.

On the Cyber command ship; Alpha Teleported in. "Leader, There is a plot by the trickster to destroy the universe and us. He is opposing our lead!" Alpha said, handing Cyberleader the Cube, "The Tricksters Brigade! Excel-lent!" The Cyberleader laughed.

Back at the Cody/Omega fight; Cody smacked Omegas Exhaust chamber, omega fell back, and grabbed a nearby clone blaster, and fired into codys head, Codys helmet flew off, Then cody fell back, with a large scar on his face, burning, then, 5 graske appeared (Un affected by the trickster) and a leader fired at Omega, Cody collapsed and died, a graske kicked him. Then, the Trickster faded in, "NOO..." he screamed, Alpha teleported in with the Cyberleader and Cybercaptain, then grabbed a graskes gun, and fired. The Oidz like chains hit the trickster in the chest, "We are the No Graske abuse patrol, Cyberleader called us." A graske said, "You have been arrested for: Enslaving graske, and killing them when they escape, and using them for your own abuse." The leader graske muttered. "I will take you from the time strea-ms..." The trickster laughed, and clicked his fingers, The Leader graske began to fade and leapt onto the trickster, then shot the trickster. The trickster fell back dying, The graske leader grabbed a bar, so he could hold onto the real world, "noo..." Graske leader muttered, before being sucked into the gateway galaxy.

Minutes later, the fighting continued aswell as the shaking, the clones had all been imprisoned in the Mechanus base and were going to be converted, until Alpha accidently pressed the onswitch of the Alpha bomb. Spikes flew out the alpha bomb, then they began to burn, before flying back into the bomb, and a exploding gas particle flew into the planet center, "If it explodes alpha! i will kill you, it will trigger the end of the world!" a random old wise cyberman shouted at alpha, the old man then died, and his head fell into his cornflakes.

Minutes later, the planet exploded, the antimatter shook the world so much it shattered, then turned into another anti/matter gateway galazy safe for Omega (Bad guy) and Omega (Cyber) but was just a plain white floor in a large infinite white land, full of mist. Omega then staggered in, "Im safe... after we began merging... Woo!" then began dancing. a mile away The trickster staggered in, "My plan worked! I have my own anti matter gateway universe so i can pass imbetween! but i just destroyed the matter universe... But Omegas here... I rule my own universe... Woo!" Then he looked round, "It looks like the trickster universe.. I have 2 of my own identicle universes! Woo!" he finished, then heard omegas I-pod, (which was on full volume) "Omega!" Trickster roared, then ran towards the sound. He soon met Omega, "is this mine or yours trickster!? YOU FOOL!" Omega shouted, "We can form a army..." the trickster wimpered, then Mr Pretzel faded in, "Its mine, i created time and space, and this is a no time and space universe, and because the explosion cause a slight teleport, it was mine anyway, so get lost, your universe is that way!" Mr pretzel shouted, and pointed to the left.

A week later the Anti matter explosion killed everyone, the trickster wun but was dead, the end.

Moral: Dont Mess with Graske, Cybermen, the Trickster, Omega or Mechanoids.
Moral #2 CloneStorms are idiots and kill them.
Moral #3 Omega, Graske, The Trickster and Mechanoids are the best ever bad guys!